Our Practice

Oakland Physical Therapy P.C. emphasizes personal and professional patient care, always striving to provide the highest quality of physical therapy. Our physical therapists are experienced and trained in advanced physical therapy techniques. One of the most important aspects of high-quality care is to identify the individual needs of each patient, maintaining continuity of care with the same therapist at each visit.

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy is defined as the skilled manipulation of the joints and soft tissue. Manipulation performed by a physical therapist is different from that done by other practitioners. Physical therapists not only manipulate the joints of the spine and extremities, but also treat the muscles with specific types of muscle-stretching. An emphasis is placed on advising and guiding the patient on efficient movement in all functional, occupational, recreational and athletic activities.

  • Treatment exclusively for Orthopedic, Sports and Performing Arts.
  • A wide variety of orthopedic conditions, post-trauma and post-surgical conditions of both the spine and extremities in patients of all ages.
  • Many patients are self referred to our practice. Evaluation without referral is readily accepted.
  • Patients are referred from a wide variety of physician specialties and other health care practitioners.
  • The practice is independent and physical therapist owned with a 30 year history of Orthopedic Physical Therapy.
  • The practice has recently moved to a 5,000 square foot suite in a 5 story 200,000 square foot medical office building connected to the newest hospital in the metropolitan area of Detroit. The medical office building houses an excellent network of many highly qualified medical professionals.