Patient Testimonials

  • S.M.

    In the five weeks I have had my physical therapy my lower back and shoulder pain have decreased significantly. My range of motion has improved as well. Everyday bending down is now almost pain free. I use to have a constant ache between my shoulder…not anymore! Thank you Frank and the great team at Oakland Physical Therapy!


  • L.L.

    I injured my shoulder lifting my carry-on suitcase out of the overhead bin of an airplane. First and last time I ever did that. I came to Oakland Physical Therapy because it was close, but most of all because it wasn’t a chain clinic and I thought I would get better care and I believe I did!

    I was not able to lift my left arm above my head, couldn’t raise it out to my side, and I couldn’t move it toward my back at all. I couldn’t zip a dress, fasten a bra, or wash my back. I did not appreciate having to depend on my husband to help out with everyday activities.

    I worked with several therapists and improved weekly! Frank stepped in and pushed me farther than I thought I could go. He knew exactly what I had to do to continue improving and strengthening. I was sent home with pictorial directions and bands to work with. Working on my own at home was a must! I have consistently improved with home practice.

    I can do everything I used to be able to do pain free! YAY!

    The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend Oakland Physical Therapy.


  • J.D.

    I have had shoulder pain for the past 10 years. I tried physical therapy about 3-4 years ago which did help quite a bit, but I continued to have pain even after my physical therapy was completed. I returned and have worked with Dr. Frank Kava and have found myself much better. I am now able to sleep on my side without pain. I am now back to swimming which I had to give up due to my shoulder pain. I think the exercises have helped but the manipulation has helped with my shoulder position and is the reason for less pain and more mobility. Frank Kava has an incredible understanding of the physical body and was able to quickly assess where my core problem was, and has been able to get me back to the activities I love. He has helped me understand what I need to do to continue to improve and move forward without harming myself.


  • M.H.

    I had a Cartiva Implant Surgery done in June of 2018. I was bone on bone in my big toe joint. After surgery I came to Oakland PT and worked with Linda Erickson for six weeks. I gradually regained full range of motion in my toe and foot within that time. And I am back to my very active lifestyle. As a retired dance instructor, this was so important to me to be active again! Thanks Linda and OPT Staff!


  • I have had back trouble before…this time was bad. Flat on my back for 5 weeks. I couldn’t stand more than 30 seconds. 2 spinal shots helped, but the real improvement started with therapy (once I could even stand it). I began having more control and feeling in my right leg and WAY less pain. As I got better, more aggressive therapy and traction started to almost completely remove the pain and numbness.

    Bottom line: Dr. # 1 – spinal fusion

    Dr. # 2 – 2nd Laminectomy

    Oakland PT = Better without surgery

    I now drive, sleep in my own bed, help around the house, everything.


  • I have been in an out of this incredible facility for neck, back, knee and ankle rehab since 2008. Linda Erickson is so in touch with each individual patient.She’s improved the quality of my life, challenging me to bounce back from each and every issue. The whole staff provides the best in treatment and care. God Bless good physical therapists! They are a life changer!


  • I have been treated by three different physical therapy centers. The individual attention and follow up by Oakland Physical Therapy has been superior to all other centers. I am comforted to know that many of my friends and clients have been treated successfully by OPT.


  • I was managing pain 24/7 in my thighs, hip, and lower back for a very long time. Oakland Physical Therapy has made it possible for me to do every day activities, I.E. walking, getting out of bed, squatting, getting in and out of my car without pain, plus now I can garden and handle housework so much easier knowing the proper way to do things. Oakland Physical Therapy has given me a new lease on life! Thank you so much!


  • I’m very thankful for all Kristen has done to help me regain strength in my left knee. It was increasingly more difficult to exercise, perform and recreate at the levels I had in the past. My knee now is stronger to the level that I don’t think about it any longer. I’m very excited to live with considerably less pain. Kristen, and everyone else involved with my therapy, are very professional, and yet my therapy was a fun experience.


  • While lower back pain didn’t curtail my everyday activities, I always had a soreness and/or tightness, sometimes with a specific pain point, in my back. Coming to PT has really helped to ease all those issues. The stretching exercises I was given were a great help in my loosening up my lower back as well as my legs and hips. While my pain is not entirely gone I have an overall improvement that has helped ease lower back pain. The staff at Oakland, Linda, and everyone who assisted in my treatment were always professional, friendly and, most of all, very instrumental in the big progress I have made.


  • I have degenerative disc disease on my lower back. Although it is very painful it is not bad enough to warrant surgery…so I am told. I was referred to Oakland Physical Therapy. During my course of treatment, I learned to do exercises and stretches that worked to alleviate the muscle pain associated with my disc disease. This regimentation will be a lifelong process which will allow me to live a more normal life. The staff at Oakland Physical Therapy are in a work “excellent”. I cannot say enough good things about them.


  • Dr. Kava and the entire staff were extremely kind and receptive. Walking into PT, I was unable to lift, grab, pull or hold weight with any confidence. After all appointments, I know how to go about daily life doing what I please with the knowledge of how to be safe. I am a guitar player by trade and before PT I was in pain and anguish when attempting to play for any amount of time. Now I can play without pain and fear. I simply cannot put into words what the treatment I’ve received here has done for me mentally and physically. Thank you so very, very much.


  • I’ve needed physical therapy several times and was never really pleased with the results or saw an improvement in my pain level, flexibility, balance, strength and endurance until I found Oakland Physical Therapy in Novi. Frank and Kristie Kava and their team work closely with you to achieve your PT objectives. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable and work with you at a pace tailored to your ability and your PT objectives.

    I have several issues with my back and have given 100% working with Oakland Physical Therapy both during my sessions on site and being diligent about my home exercises. My back pain is overall improved…sometimes non-existent. When pain does occur, I control it or minimize it by getting on the floor and beginning my exercises. My flexibility, balance, strength and endurance have dramatically improved as evidenced by a recent family move that would have been extremely difficult for me to get through prior to physical therapy at OPT. I’m back to doing many of the things I used to do until I was side tracked with back issues. As I see myself getting stronger, having even better balance and flexibility, I want to keep working hard so my progress continues…and I will and it will!


  • I’ve been physically active my whole life – from competitive figure skating in my youth, to strength training, Pilates, kick-boxing and running on a regular basis as an adult. Three years ago, low back and hip pain eventually led to a trip to the ER, followed up with a misdiagnosis of “possible” disc bilging/slipping/herniation/sciatica. Three months with a Doctor recommended physical therapist and complete lack of physical activity, gave me back my functional movement, but any attempt to return to prior activity levels led to chronic pain, frustration and life on the couch with my heating pad. My pain continued to worsen, and I truly felt that no one in the medical community that I spoke with was listening to me about my history or the source of my pain. Then a friend told me about their experience with Oakland Physical Therapy. When I looked on the website and saw that not only was Kristie Kava an Orthopedic Physical Therapist, but that she incorporated Pilates and pelvic stability into her practice, I felt hope for the first time in a long while. At my first visit, she spent more than an hour with me, asking about my history and doing a complete and thorough physical exam. Her knowledge, skills and professionalism are highly impressive and those, coupled with the care and compassion that she has shown me have made all the difference. Four months of a plan personalized for me, and a lot of motivation and hard work have given me my life back and I couldn’t be happier, or more grateful! I’m so looking forward to gradually returning to my active lifestyle and I would shout my recommendation of Oakland Physical Therapy and Kristie Kava from the rooftops!